6" x 9" Mailoing Bags - 60 µm

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    Mailing bags ensure your dispatching of goods is simple, all our mailers come with a self-seal lip, basically place your product inside, remove the strip on the flap and seal, it couldn’t be easier. Then either place yourself seal address label on them or use a suitable Document enclosed wallet. All our mailers are manufactured for us; these are not available from another supplier. These mailers are the cheapest on eBay.
    • Strong and durable polythene mailing bags
    • 60 micron with 43mm  lip
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • Peel and seal strong adhesive strip
    • Tamperproof
    • Fully opaque for privacy
    • Waterproof
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    GREY mailing mail postage post polythene plastic bags with strong self-seal adhesive strip.
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    Qty 100 - 5000 bags
    170 mm x 230 mm / 6 " x 9 "

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      JSG Accessories®
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