JSG Accessories® B22 bayonet 7W Energy saving LED bulb in Warm White

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  • Product features:

    * LED light bulbs offer a simple way to save money and beautify your home

    * Designed using the latest in LED technology, these LED light bulbs delivers the highest level of light quality and energy savings in a sleek design that easily fits into your standard fixtures you already have in your home

    * LED bulb reduces energy and maintenance costs when compared to incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent light bulbs

    * Direct replacement for your standard B22 Bulbs, Each bulb features 16 of SMD 3036 LED's chips which equates to a 60-70 watt equivalent bulb

    * Perfectly sized so you can simply unplug your existing B22 and replace with your B22 LED

    * Massive saving, uses 10% of the power of a traditional incandescent bulb

    * Warm white, very similar to traditional bulb colour

    * CE Approved and RoHS compliant

    Environmentally Friendly

    * LED bulbs are great for the environment because they last 40 times longer than regular bulbs, that means replacing your bulbs less frequently and fewer bulbs in landfills

    * Save money and reduce energy usage from the electrical grid

    * LED bulb neither includes mercury nor ultraviolet radiation

    * LED bulbs also reduce C02 emission output

    Wide Application

    * Commercial and exhibition locations

    * Hotel, conference room

    * School, hospital and other public places

    * Places that require energy-efficient and high colour rendering index

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      JSG Accessories®
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