JSG Accessories® J118 R7S 8W LED Bulb Lamp Light 85-265V AC replacement for Halogen Flood Lamp [White]

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Size Name: 118mm / J118 | Colour Name: 8W White 6000K
  • This LED light bulb is built in constant current power supply drive, which guarantees this light bulb will last much longer than other cheap LED light bulbs.

     These LED lamps are to the highest standards, they make an ideal lamp manufactured for replacing old halogen lamps. The lamps use quality SMD LED chips that emit a large light output as well as very reliable with an aluminium body.

     This special R7s LED Light is the same equivalent of light emitted as a normal halogen lamp. The bulbs are a low cost item to run using only 5W-15W of power and have a 30,000 hours lifeline which will save you a substantial amount of money over that duration. Unlike halogen bulbs these bulbs emit a much cleaner light and used for the high quality LED chips, the colour does not differ or gradually fade.


    - Standard: R7S

    - Low consumption, energy-saving

    - Made of aluminium, better for faster and more efficiently extraction of the heat

    - Easy installation

    - The perfect replace traditional R7s Halogen light bulb

    - Super bright light, perfect for lighting and decoration

    - Ideal for shop, garden, exhibition, villas, landscape, etc.

    - LED Colour: White 6000K

    - Voltage: AC 85V - 265V

    - Output Power: 8W

    - Viewing angle: 200 degrees

    - A+ Energy rated

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