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  • This travel adaptor covers more than 150+ countries all over the world, on all continents, from Albania to Zambia. One power adaptor - multiple solutions! The Travel Plug Adaptor is very easy and safe to use. Press the Safety Release Button and simply pull the Pin Selector for the specific region and there you go! A unique feature of the adaptor is its ability to clip on different modules. The Country Module is included with the standard version of the adaptor. With the additional module fitted one can use the adaptor with standard plug from the Europe, US, UK and Australia.
     One adapter, four options for more than 150 countries. It’s the elegant, compact and safe way to plug in your portable appliances worldwide. Suitable for all equipment without ground pin. (2-pin connections; 2.5A; 110V – max. 275W; 220V – max. 550W),
     The various pins can only be moved by pushing the Safety Release Button situated on the side. Unlike other competitor’s products, only 1 pin can be pulled out at the time thus eliminating the risk of short circuits.
     The Swiss World Adapter features an integrated power fuse (T2.5 AH) which makes it the safest travel adapter worldwide.
     It is light weight and compact dimensions the Swiss World Adapter are the perfect product for all frequent travelers.
    The USB charger module (1000mAx MAX) fits on top of the World Travel Adapter. Perfect for charging or running your mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player, PDA, travel speaker and other USB devices all around the world.
    • Application in more than 150 countries
    • Input power spectrum up to 550 W power
    • Compact, lightweight design
    • Includes 4 pins: Euro 2-Pin, UK 3-Pin, Australia 2-Pin, US 2-Pin
    • Suitable for equipment with grounding plugs (2 pole)
    • Integrated fuse T2.5A
    • Input voltage: 100 - 240 VAC
    • Max. Power: 275W @ 110V / 550W @ 220V

    • 1 x Universal World Travel Charger Adaptor w/USB port
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